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Nationstar Mortgage Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Nationstar Mortgage takes great pride in the fact that 4 out of 5 of our customers would refer us to friends or family.*
But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about Nationstar Mortgage.


"They were able to help where other mortgage companies didn’t. They completed the process. Everyone I spoke with was pleasurable and actually knowledgeable about my inquiries and they actually did what they said they could do. They were pleasant when they answered the phone. They asked how my day was and apologized when they put me on hold. I was satisfied with how they treated me."
         - Matthew W. , WI

"The short amount of time on the phone, the knowledge of the operators and the quickness of resolving my problems."
         - David F., FL

"I have loans with multiple banks, only one loan with Nationstar and the Nationstar people seem to be more knowledgeable and responsive. I was able to complete a loan modification with Nationstar and in a much shorter time than with any other bank."
         - Alan L., TX

"They have been good to me. They have helped me with my loan. The loan that I have right now they helped me get that loan and then they put me on the making home affordable program, they are trying to help me."
         - Nancy B., CA

"When we called they got right on it with the loan modification and they resolved it and kept in contact with us through the whole process. Just very professional they did a good job helped us with the whole process they just did a very good job."
         - Glenda G., MD

"They have treated me well and also they have been able to explain to me what was happening to my account from moving my mortgage to Nationstar. They have patience because I have two kids and sometimes they are screaming."
         - Yesica V. , IL

"I have only been your customer for one month, but every dealing I have had with you thus far has been positive. The good customer service. Because they answered my questions and helped me set up a payment plan."
         - Shawn L., NJ

"Because of the service they have given me with the problem that I had. Quick and courteous service. Very knowledgeable about my problem."
         - Anthony V. , IL

"She worked quickly and was very friendly. Just very friendly."
         - Kathleen R. , AZ

"I have just been happy with the customer service I have received. I have not had to wait very long."
         - Douglas L., PA

"Every time I call, they help me. They’re polite and they answer my questions."
         - Maria G., CA

"Like I said, the guy that I spoke with took good care of me and came up with a solution, and promptly took care of everything that needed to be done. He provided me with all the right information. He just sounded like he was happy to do his job."
         - Francisco H. , IL

"I have no problems recommending them. They have been very good with me."
         - Elizabeth L. , NJ

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